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Who We Are

At Alexandra’s Playground, we believe that active play is a critical part of a happy, healthy childhood. We are parents, doctors, businesspeople, teachers, artists and active members of our communities. We share a vision for a world where all children have opportunities for safe, active play throughout childhood. We also share an understanding of how [...]

What We Do

We encourage safe, active play with the hope of imprinting enduring active, productive lifestyles. Our initiatives focus on 3 core areas: building playgrounds; creating programming that encourages activity and prevents injuries during play; and, raising awareness about the importance of active play. We both develop our own initiatives and partner with others to support theirs. [...]

Our Purpose

Children who regularly engage in active play grow up more physically, emotionally & cognitively healthy. But opportunities for safe, active play are increasingly threatened. Today’s children spend less time playing outside than any previous generation. Every year, children in the US lose more hours of active play per week as it is increasingly replaced by [...]